Stratim Capital presents liquidity alternatives to investors in privately held companies. 
Venture capital investors may choose us as a full or partial liquidity option instead of waiting until an IPO window opens or an M&A alternative arises. A founder or company employee may view our liquidity option as a way to diversify their portfolio, fund a new venture, or reap the rewards of the efforts at a fair valuation.

We are focused on acquiring venture capital, buyout and other private equity positions from existing investors in secondary direct transactions. We have acquired investments from major corporations, company founders, institutional investors and family offices. Stratim is backed by multibillion dollar institutional investors and is interested in discussing opportunities ranging from $1 million single investment stakes to $50 million multi-investment portfolios. Our primary industries of interest are technology, financial services and business services.

The founders of Stratim Capital have been involved in private equity investing since 2000 and are well known and highly regarded by institutional investors and other private equity firms. Funds managed by the principals have acquired positions in over 100 companies with originally invested capital in excess of $400 million. They have deployed over $80 million of investor capital in the past 5 years and generated superior returns for their investors and partners.

Our Experience Shows! Short List of Current and Former Portfolio Companies